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You are viewing the writer stats and profile for Amber-35215, a 0-star writer in the Zerys network

My Personal Info

  • Pen Name: Amber-35215
  • Country: United States
  • State: Wisconsin
  • Language: English

My Expert Knowledge Areas

  • Business and Finance 10
  • Technology 19
  • Health and Wellness 39
  • News 12

My Writer Bio

When you order a BLT, you know exactly what you'll get: a sandwich with bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Missing any of those ingredients will render it still a sandwich, but not quite as good as what you expected. Written content functions in quite the same way, although the ingredients are much different: creative thought, analytical structure, and goal alignment make up successful content. Sans any of those elements, your written content will function as a whole, but flop in much the same way a LT would when you ordered a BLT.

With professional copywriting experience writing blog posts, press releases, web copy, landing pages, articles, SEO'd content, business communications, technical content and more, I am thrilled to offer my writing services to you. My writing combines the necessary creative thought, analytical structure, and adherence to goals to craft successful pieces that won't leave you wanting. You'll never find yourself settling for a LT when what you really want is a BLT.

My Zerys Writing Statistics

  • Total Pages Assigned by all Zerys Clients: 11
  • Pages Approved by all Zerys Clients: 11
  • Total Missed Deadlines: 3/11 (27.27%)
  • Total Pages Rejected: 1/11 (9.09%)

My Ratings From Zerys Clients

  • Number of Zerys Client Ratings: 0
  • Average Zerys Client Rating: 0 Stars 0-Stars
  • Number of Zerys Client Reviews: 0

My Rate

  • Standard Pay Rate: 9.80 cents per word
  • (This rate is negotiable from within your Zerys account)

Recent Answers from Amber-35215

Category Question Date Answered
Empowerment Is it possible to learn how to be empowered and confident? 05/15/2014