How can I attain self-empowerment now?

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The Two Important Steps You Need to Take to Attain Self-empowerment Now

When you think about what it means to attain self-empowerment, do visions of Superman or Wonder Woman flash through your mind? Do you imagine a thinner, younger, richer, happier, more exciting you - the “some day” you?

Wikipedia’s definition of "empowerment" refers to “increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender or economic strength of individuals and communities.” Self-empowerment would, it’s safe to assume, refer to the individual in that definition. Namely, you.

The Wikipedia definition speaks to increasing something in your life, as in “more of.” But what if theirs isn’t the only possible definition for self-empowerment - what if there’s an alternative way to define it? What if self-empowerment is also about letting go, and eliminating what’s making you unhappy - instead of striving to increase the number of things you believe will make you happy?

Creating Your Own Rules and Definitions for Life

If it’s possible to discover an alternate definition for self-empowerment - or to create a new perspective in relation to it - what might happen if you changed your definitions for other important aspects of your life, such as happiness, success, peace, freedom, love?

Your life is structured to reflect and support your personal inner belief system, which is comprised of beliefs you may have adopted at five, fifteen, thirty or even sixty years old. Those beliefs were adopted by someone who no longer exists - an apparition from your past whose decisions no longer reflect the person you are right now, in the present. You have changed.

Despite Wikipedia’s definition, if you want to attain self-empowerment now, you have to focus on eliminating things. Letting go of things. Moving beyond things. To do that, you have to update the false, negative and outdated beliefs that hold you in bondage to the past and prevent you from living an authentic life in the present.

The Two Steps You Need to Take to Attain Self-Empowerment Now

1. First, you must eliminate the false, negative and outdated beliefs that support the “status quo” - that boring world of obligations, expectations, limitations and regulations that holds you in bondage to a life that doesn’t make you happy. This is a creative process, not an intellectual one! You have to create the person you wish to become through eliminating everything that does not support your goals.

2. The second step is to create a positive new belief system that supports living an authentic and happy life, by reflecting today's dreams, desires, hopes and aspirations. This, too, is a creative process - it is to start over with a blank canvas, and create yourself and your life as you imagine it to be.

To Attain Self-Empowerment Now You Must Embrace Change

Consider this; why does a terrorist entertain thoughts of killing, while a Buddhist monk contemplates world peace? The answer is clear; your belief system serves as the mental machinery from which your thoughts emerge, like a cosmic bubble machine that automatically pumps out what it has been programed to produce. Negative beliefs spawn negative thoughts that lead to negative results, and positive beliefs spawn positive thoughts that lead to positive results.

To change your actions, change your thoughts. To change your thoughts, change your beliefs. To change your beliefs, stop surviving in the stagnant factory of your past and start creating a fresh new foundation for life in the brave new world of the present!

You are, in reality, the ultimate creator of your own life experience. To attain self-empowerment now, open your mind. Question your beliefs. Throw out what’s outdated and embrace what’s new, exciting and life affirming.

When your beliefs change, your thoughts change. And when your thoughts change, your life will change. Embrace change - and live a happy life!

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