What can I do to conquer Low Self Esteem?

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Answered by: Barbara Lynn, An Expert in the Empowerment Category
Low Self Esteem is a universal condition, and fortunately, one that you do not need to go anyplace else to solve. It is not so much "conquering" the condition, but absorbing all self-created ideas into your picture of who you are. When we accept ourselves completely, we love ourselves. The answer to your question is found within.

First, it becomes necessary to recognize all negative self talk. When it shows up, such as "What is going on with my hair today?", see that this is a statement you would not make out loud, to anyone else. It is criticism reserved for you alone, and it is not constructive. You do not have to hate it, but merely recognize it as unfruitful and let it go. Picture yourself and look into your own eyes, saying "Thanks, but I don't do that anymore, I love myself now. You can sit down over here." Then, walk away. If you cannot say the words " I love myself now", then simply say "I no longer do that."

What becomes important in the process of empowerment, is lack of opposition. Low self esteem is feeling bad about who you are. In order to feel good about yourself, you must begin someplace. The place to begin is by accepting yourself as you are standing there right now.

Loving yourself, and feeling powerful will come. You must not fight who you are. You must love who you are. Start by seeing who you are and accepting him/her. Once you do, you will begin to feel better.

Self Esteem is the natural fall out of self acceptance. There is nothing wrong with you. This is how you were made. You are here now, doing the best you can. Low Self esteem is magnified when you beat yourself up for who you are, what you said, or what you have done. None of that matters. It is all in the past and is no longer relevant.

What is relevant is right now. Empowerment is not being delusional about who you are. Empowerment is understanding who you are and with that knowledge, moving forward with confidence into your life. Self esteem is magnified with each success. When we feel good, we bring positive emotion to our every activity and process. Our life proceeds more smoothly when we feel good.

Feeling bad about ourselves is not necessary as a form or repentance or sorrow. Feeling bad only hurts ourselves, it does nothing to uplift anyone else either. Feeling bad is a destructive emotion, and in order to constructively impact the life of anyone else, it is important that we feel good.

There is no one better equipped to help us to feel good than ourselves. The truth of us is that we are powerful, unique individuals who are growing and learning and living the absolute best way we know how. Celebrate your successes and learn from each mistake. Feel good in spite of the evidence and you will feel good every day!

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