What is the best way of keeping your sanity in these modern times?

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If you are asking yourself how to keep your sanity in today's crazy world, it means you've come to the realization that whatever you've been doing so far to keep your body, mind and soul together isn't working and something else is needed going forward. It might not seem so, but this is a great place to be in! It means that you're now aware of a huge discrepancy between what society says you need and what your soul is begging for. Congratulations on awakening to a new reality!

This new awareness raises lots of fears. We don't like change and yet we live in a world that changes constantly. There is fear around changing one's life especially without a safety net or assurance of future stability. Fear-based questions arise such as,"What are the consequences in accepting this new awareness - will I have to move/give up all my relationships/leave my job/change my habits, etc?" These questions have a nasty habit of flooding our sensibilities to the point that all we want to do is crawl back into our burrows and stay there forever. But,good news, fear not, you are not alone and there is lots of help out there!

First of all, the old KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule is a tried and true method of making a mole hill out of the mountain. It is easy to be overwhelmed at this point so start by making a few simple lists. When you distinguish what's not working it's half the battle. Make a list of all the things you don't like about your life, another list about what you don't like about living on this planet at this time, and a third list about what you'd do if you could do whatever you wanted. Don't worry about full sentences, just get it all down on paper or computer. It will seem silly at first, but clarity will come with this simple process.

Once you have your lists you can begin to figure out where to go for help, guidance, and support in aligning your new awareness with your life. You absolutely must agree to involve others in your quest for sanity! There's help of all kinds available and your lists will help you stay on track as you navigate the endless paths available. Whatever direction you take though must be heart centered and in alignment with your new awareness. Your logical mind must take orders from your heart. Keeping your sanity requires you to honor this directive and you will know immediately if a choice isn't helpful.

Remember, you are not alone! Let your heart lead the way and you will find others who will help you keep your body, mind and soul together. Keeping your sanity is much easier when you share the process, whether you decide to take up gardening or sky diving, macrame or country western dancing, building homes in Guatemala or cooking in a soup kitchen. Keeping your sanity requires living so go for it!

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