What is qi gong energy work?

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Energy work is a term for a broad list of techniques based on ancient practices. There are also some therapies that are based on more recent, modern research. Many people use energy work with other forms of alternative medicine such as acupuncture, body work, and herbal medicine.

Practitioners of energy work believe that energy exists in the body and the power of the mind can heal. Many believe these treatments can be helpful in healing any number of ailments. More and more Western trained doctors are accepting of patients complimenting their Western medical treatments with Eastern medicinal treatments such as energy work.

Some forms of energy work are Qi Gong, Reiki, polarity therapy, therapeutic touch, prayer, Tong Ren therapy, and vibrational medicine.

Let’s discuss Qi Gong and Reiki.

Qi Gong is a traditional Chinese medicine technique. It is both an exercise method and a healing method. In exercise, it is a way of controlled breathing, meditating and controlled movement exercises. Some of the movements of Baduanjin Qi Gong are Bouncing on the Toes, Pressing the Heavens with Two Hands, and Wise Owl Gazes Backward.

Qi Gong energy work is used to relieve stress, relieve pain, increase energy, reduce anxiety, boost the immune system, calm the body and mind, and heal health conditions, including endocrine issues and digestive problems.

But how does it heal? Practitioners of both Qi Gong and Reiki say our bodies can heal themselves. Energy, in these cases, needs to be manipulated.

Qi Gong healers have a deeper understanding of how to control Qi (“life force energy”, or the energy that is in all of us which causes us to be alive) and in so doing can use the Qi to heal others.

Qi Gong energy work moves blood throughout the body and generates energy. It is done by one of these methods:

     Qi massage

     Placing a pointed object or precious metals or stones on various areas of the body.

     Placing hands inches above the body to use Qi to remove “negative influence and suppliant deficiencies”.

Patients say they feel “a powerful pulsation of blood” in their bodies.

Reiki is a more well-known form of energy healing. More and more hospitals in the U. S. are beginning to recognize its power.

Reiki practitioners believe they can channel healing and balance energy by using gentle touch. It is based on the premise that “life force energy” will keep us feeling happy and healthy, versus when our life force energy is low and we feel stressed and get sick more easily.

Those having Reiki treatment, say it “feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flow through and around you.”

Where can you find an energy work practitioner? One good place to start is the Energy Medicine Professional Association, which maintains a list of practicing healers and their specialties. The website is http://www.energymedicineprofessionalassociation.com/

Anyone seeking an energy healer, however, should research, research and do more research regarding this type of alternative treatment.

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