How do you begin healing your life?

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Healing is a state of mind. Some say it is a state of body. Not an easy thing to state, either way. For some, healing is relaxation; for others it is complete dedication to action. For me, and what do I know, healing could be achieved through any action or non-action. Food heals. Sex heals. Food harms and sex harms. Where does this leave us? How do you begin healing your life?Part of the confusion is due to dis-ease being mistakenly called disease. The quest for knowledge leads us to break down ideas into smaller and more complicated ones. We are all perfect. We are all experiencing exactly the events we require to further our understanding of our selves and the way we interact with the stimuli around us. If we can’t learn from something, we will not experience it. Thinking of disease as a concept to be conquered leads us to view our teachers as our faults.

Much has been written about the metaphysical causes for each disease and the metaphysical ‘cure’ for each. This system of thought has its flaws as well. Over-analysis of common events allows these events to control us, leaving us reaching for some new affirmation to say into the mirror, some new yoga class to stretch out a new part of the body we weren’t aware existed until we read online that it was broken.All objects around us are reflections of the way we view the world. We only experience events in a context that makes sense to us. If one feels that the world is evil, all experiences will reek of evil. If one feels that the world is good, all experiences will feel good. Dis-ease is a physical manifestation of our brains trying to grasp experiences that fly in the face of our worldview. If one expects everything to be good, what happens when something ‘bad’ occurs?

The tendency for us to sensationalize every experience leads us to extreme highs and lows. There is an easy remedy to this situation! Accept all that is as all that is. Healing is nothing more than releasing attachments to the way ‘things should be.’ In the same way that drug addiction creates a feeling of need for a substance, viewing the world as either good or bad creates a need for good or bad things to happen to us. When those things do not manifest, we start to feel a loss of control and often start feeling physically sick. If we see all that is as a perfect learning tool, we realize that nothing is good or bad. Everything is. All that is, is.

All systems of healing can be helpful, but all can be hurtful too. Attachment to any thing creates suffering. To be healed, one only has to be. To truly exist in the moment is to be completely healed. All of us are capable of this, but we become so bogged down with expectations that we forget that everything is as it is. If we want not, we have everything we need.

Healing is as simple as being grateful for all that exists in every moment. Where you are is where you are. The second you want to be somewhere else, you start to feel dis-ease. Becoming attached to this feeling of want allows this dis-ease to become stronger and can often become a physical ailment in the body. Free yourself from wanting! Be happy! Be grateful for what you have! Congratulations, you started healing your life.

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