The law of attraction can yield self empowerment

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Chapter 1 : The law of attraction can yield self empowerment

The law of attraction can yield self empowerment. JUST BEGIN..IT MATTERSNOT WHERE. If you do not begin you will never finish.. So begin...The reason it matters not is because you make it MATTER. Life is meaningless. Ok let me explain, You give your experience meaning through how you define your experience. There are two subjects to every subject .Positive or Negative; Prosperity or Poverty; Happiness or Sadness, You get the picture right. This is Duality. What you focus on is what you get, whether you want it or not. If you want enlightenment, learn to lighten up, and be more changeable like clay,In this way you get in step with one of the universal laws being that change is the only constant .You get what you focus on whether you want it or not. So when you are thinking about what you do not want , just simply say to yourself ,'What do I want'. This changes your vibrational constant. The Law of Attraction is working whether you are aware of it or not. Either on purpose or by default. It can bring about self empowerment and lead you to make more money, or it can do the opposite. When you take deliberate control of your manifestations ,then you stop being an observer and creating by default and become a deliberate creater of the manifestations you experience. So this is how you see , the law of attraction can yield self empowerment. Whether you get is simply up to you. How far is the truth from a lie? When the answer lies inside. Inside of you inside of eye. But it is not always true that I and you see the same truths. So how do we avoid confrontation ,when we are drawn, by our homosapian way of thinking, way of following, way of falling? To rise higher is to realize the truth is not a word to speak, when words can lie, and words can defeat, the way we could have gone, if we had not worried about it so long. So self deception has no boundaries,and mass deception is knowing nothing. This is how we run and run from w If we even stop , then maybe we could see, there is no need to run it is so simple to just be. Think of it this way, there are infinious numbers of realities that can manifest.The frequency of reality that you are matching vibrationally is what actually will manifest..> For instance, you can not tune into fm radio on am radio. The higher the frequency you tune into, the closer to a heavenly reality The Law of Attraction will bring to you, and vice versa. This is why it is so important to learn how to gently guide your thoughts in a positive direction.. Your emotions are your quide to where you are in the process of bringing about the desired manifestations. { ' Excerpt from 'My Journey Within' Hayes House Books'}

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