How can you organize your mind to organize reality?

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Organizing one's space must begin with you. Organize your mind. Our subconscious behavior tends to dictate our actions on a daily basis. This can easily lead to our personal space becoming cluttered. If the mind is in a state of chaos, how can we expect to project clarity in our material world? The understanding of clarity must come from within.

In order to organize our material possessions, organization of the self must occur first. Meditation is an easy way to clear the mind. Through meditation, one can expect to distance himself from chaos. A clear mind can approach the situation in a realistic and harmonious way. This will allow energy to be exerted into our personal space. A privy spot allows us to maintain the clarity we've received from meditation, for the benefit of organization.

Once we organize the mind we can begin to harmonize our space. Our space is an extension of the self. We should feel a sense of safety, serenity, and well-being in this space. Everything should have a place. Clutter can often feel like a millstone but can be easily overcome. Sometimes, material possessions are frantically collected to feel connected to something. This connection can be found within, rather than through possessions.

In reality, we all need our possessions, and sometimes, they can be in disorder. Through conscious efforts we can learn to eliminate the disorder. Harmony and organization go hand-in-hand. Keep meaningful possessions harmonious through systematic organization. Ensure everything has a place and maintain mental clarity.

When we organize our mind, we also can organize our relationships with those around us. If our mind is in chaos, so will our relationships. We must realize that our physical reactions to people is also developed by the sub-conscious. This often causes us to overlook our current chaos ruining our lives. When one learns to harness the attention to serenity and peace, he will find true clarity in every aspect of life. An understanding of our sub-conscious will allow us to control our reactions to those around us. When organizing the mind, even our personal relationships will blossom into something beautiful.

There many ways besides meditation to ease the mind. Since 'you are what you eat', the nutrition in life must portray how the mind will connect with the body. Plenty of movement will ensure even more movement in the future. We set up our life through habit. When we learn to harness the body and the mind, nothing is off limits. When we make the body and mind harmonious we can make our relationships, and our personal space more soothing.

Mind and body connections are increasingly becoming spread through word of mouth, and media outlets. Our spirits are awakening and allowing the earth to heal and grow. When we learn to connect our mind and body we have a powerful consciousness. As we are bound to our bodies, we realize that the body and mind must be in harmony to properly interact. A harmonious mind will keep reality in a fluid positive motion. Organize your mind, organize your life.

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