How do we know the Soul is Eternal?

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One thing that has inspired me on the path, is finding a holistic approach to how I deal with the world. This society does not teach you how to properly maintain a healthy balance with your environment. Most individual thinking is based on self-interest, judgment and fear. I experience these things personally and impersonally. When I look at my private life, my goal is to live a peaceful existence, void of fear and mistrust for others. My strength comes from reading, knowing the soul is eternal. I share a common belief system of the Vedic literatures: Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita, etc. that the soul is eternal. These books talk about the importance of our relationship with God, being part and parcel as living entities with the Supreme. If we want to truly have a blissful experience as humans, it is our dharma, or duty, to maintain a relationship with the Lord in this human existence. We as souls have a Karmic destiny based on activities we have carried over from previous lives. Through these activities we either enjoy or suffer from the fruits of our own Karma. Over this summer I had the pleasure of meeting a devotee at the Hare Krishna temple off Belmont distributing Bhagavad-Gita: As it Is. We had a good conversation, and he invited me to come to the temple that Friday to hear one of the acarya’s (spiritual teachers) give a class on Bhagavad-Gita. This encounter would help me make progress in spiritual life. I was able to see my own ignorance when it came to attitudes and opinions. The devotees were genuine and devoted in their spiritual journey, and I could not have anything but reverence for such individuals. The basis of Krishna Consciousness is I am not this body, but spirit-soul. As spirit-soul the perfection of human life is to know our constitutional position and relationship with God, or Krishna. Krishna means, all attraction. As humans we try to control our reality by the concept of being master over material nature. In fact, God is the controller of everything we perceive through our six senses, including the mind. God is located within every living entity’s heart, so each of us as jivas; controlled living-entities, has a responsibility to serve The Supreme Lord, Krishna through devotional service. At current, the world is engrossed in sense enjoyment, which creates an atmosphere of suffering. Most world leaders who have no concept of their relationship with God run self-serving civilizations that lead people to further degradation. If our responsibility as humans is to make spiritual advancement, it is the duty of the administrators and kings to serve civilization for a God conscious society. This creates a well-balanced society in harmony with our wellbeing. I learned the principles of spiritual life through my association with devotees. Shortly after visiting the temple, I met a Bramacari monk—celibate student, who was traveling for three weeks on the West Coast. Jayakesava das was a disciplined brahman, well versed in the principles of Vedic literature. The experience sobered me up in two ways: it made me realize that I still have a long way on my own spiritual path, humility in all situations makes a difference in your level of growth. The soul makes its incarnation to learn, and experience a deeper understanding of itself

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