What makes a bodycare product natural and what are some places I can find natural bodycare products?

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Today, now more than ever, people are searching out natural alternatives for bodycare products, seeking aromatherapy to soothe their stress and wholesome products to reduce the pollution in their bodies.

The market for natural products is growing, and the good news is that smaller companies that produce truly natural products in small batches are springing up and managing to find markets for their superior natural alternatives.

A natural product does not contain harmful chemicals or preservatives, such as parabens or the newest darling preservative of the cosmetics industry, phenoxyethanol. Natural products do not contain sulfates, common in most commercial soaps, even for the face. Sulfates are drying and harsh to the skin.

Natural products usually have many beneficial plant ingredients, along with essential oils and natural scents, such as true vanilla extract or rose petals.

Smaller companies that make fresh products in individual batches, without harsh, unnatural preservatives, create products that truly benefit and help heal the body, which can calm the mind because consumers know they are doing something good for themselves, as well get direct benefits from aromatherapy, for example.

Sobe Botanicals and In Love With Body Care are two leading, popular smaller companies that create effective natural alternatives to harsh, chemical-laden products.

Another source of skin-loving natural bodycare products are the many goat farms around the country that use goat milk in soaps, creams, and lotions. Goat milk has a pH that closely matches that of human skin, making it a soothing and effective moisturizer for skin all over the body, including the scalp.

Many quality goat-milk product-based companies are flourishing, including Country Scents, Udder Delight, Indigo Wild, and Sassy Goat.

Foremost, become a label reader and choose products that are not only healthy for the body but for the environment and world in general. Choose products that are non-animal tested, because suffering should not be a part of bodycare. Most truly natural bodycare products do not test on animals.

When consumers choose truly natural products, they not only benefit themselves, reducing the amount of pollutants they are putting into their body from chemical-based products, some of which contain proven carcinogens, but the entire planet, as well.

The good news is that those seeking natural bodycare may already have some top natural performers in their cupboards. Coconut oil, for example, is a wonderful skin moisturizer that adds beneficial nutrients to the body from the outside in. Jojoba oil is helpful in healing rosacea and acne-prone skin. Egg whites make an effective facial mask that tones and tightens skin.

So look to the cupboards first, then support companies that are making truly natural products.

The rewards will be better health, lower stress, a sense of well-being about doing something good for the body while supporting producers of natural products, making it possible for them to keep producing high-quality natural products and expand their product lines. Because truly natural bodycare is not an indulgence. For good, overall, long-lasting health, using natural products and reducing bodily pollution is a requirement.

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