How can I maintain positive thinking everyday?

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Positive thinking has proven to be the common factor in success. If you were to ask anyone in a position you are striving to be in, they will tell you that their journeys began as a dream. Although this sounds simple, it's the hardest step to take. Most dreamers can maintain a positive mindset when surrounded by encouraging people, but what happens when adversity strikes? Here are a few steps to help you maintain your positive thinking.

Step 1: Every day when you wake up, the first words out of your mouth should be, "I am successful at ( state your goal)." Even if your goal for the day is being a good student, parent, boss or employee; state your affirmation in your success. For the long term goals, this will be a habit, so you will say the same goal everyday until you see the truth in it during your walking life. After your goal is attained, continue to exercise this step as a way of continuing belief in yourself. If you can see this goal come to pass, imagine the possibilities you can achieve.

Step 2: The mind is a powerful tool, so be sure to use it in your favor. There will be times when doubts will creep into your mind, but remember, insecurities have no place in a successful dwelling. Whenever you feel a moment of defeat or doubt, restate your affirmation. On your worse days, take the time to meditate on your goal. Positive thinking everyday, even your trying ones, will keep your eyes on the prize.

Step 3: Make real life action towards accomplishing your goal. It doesn't help you to become a marathon runner in your mind if you don't run a day in your life. Positive thinking is not wishful thinking, so always put plans in motion that will get the ball rolling. By the time you reach this step, turning back is not an option.The more your plans are executed, the easier the rest of your positive thinking steps will become.

Step 4: Do not allow fear to keep you from completing either step. This step is last on purpose. Many people will start with the first step, or even the second but become too afraid to put plans in motion. The fear of failing should never compare to the reality of never trying. The purpose in positive thinking everyday is to confirm through every step that the goal you are striving for is attainable. The more you believe that, the easier it will be to comply with Step 3. Once that's in motion, this last step is merely an afterthought.

Keep in mind that you are the one controlling your thoughts at all times. If at any point they slip away, bring yourself back. This may seem like a tedious list of activities at first, but if followed, this will become your victory speech. So when someone looking up to you asks how you did it; please, pass along these steps.

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