How does Empowering and Self Empowerment move one forward?

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When we come to the place in life where we have to take an assessment before moving on, it is usually because we have forgotten. We have forgotten why we are living the life we are in. Perhaps we have forgotten our original intentions. We tend to forget our "intentions and goals" when we feel powerless to fulfill them. Most of us have explored the questions of who am I? What is my purpose? Some of us have been fortunate enough to offer an answer.

But once we've suggested who we are, we have to move to prove it. To actualize or materialize our intentions, our purpose! This action comes from power. The embodiment of personal power. Empowering and self empowerment is the ability to make things happen by one's own accord. This can be done through share brute force and determination or by faith with actions, and maybe even support from others, but it is most definitely tangible, concrete doing.

Power like the power of electricity or a motor, propels. Personal or people power acts in the same way. It moves us! We decide what in our lives needs to be powered up and then we take in or give off the personal energies that spark the motivation to make it "move". For example; It is time to make more income. This is the goal! Now to make that happen one has to empower him or herself. They've been working at a certain level on their career path. They've earned all of the parallel and vertical accolades and promotions available for their level and academic background. What can they do versus what must they do?

They can try using their skillset and expertise to start a business promoting the work they are use to doing but chances are they cannot afford to. They can take some online courses and earn the next degree that supports their career path which should instantly increase their self worth and open the path to a whole new set of accolades and promotions, as well as afford them a salary increase!

They've empowered themselves with increased knowledge. Later they may choose to use their continued experience and growth to start a business, or they may choose to empower themselves with other knowledge and skillsets. They may want to do something totally different.

Empowering and Self empowerment books and lessons are readily available and all around, in libraries, on the internet and within. Every time you figure out what is necessary to achieve your next goal and you do so, you have used your personal power and empowered a dream, a vision, an opportunity to accomplish a goal. You have created / utilized power! You've harnessed your personal energy to vibrate into the universe. Those vibrations call for reverberation or the actualizing / reciprocity of your giving. It is the spiritual law of nature that there be a yielding, a reward for your efforts. Power concedes only to power. Be inspired, utilize your personal power!

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