In today's world and economy, what does becoming your own CEO look like beyond what the traditional title of CEO means?

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In the traditional world of business there has always been and shall always be, until the collective consciousness dictates otherwise, the person at the top of any sizable organization know as the Chief Executive Officer, the CEO. Along with this position and title comes many rewards and many heartaches.

Many CEO's today will tell you that the rewards, for the most part, were worth the time and effort they put into gaining the title. Likewise, there are many CEO's who will share with you if they had to do it all again they would make many adjustments along the way to become a more inclusive environment for all those "employees" who sincerely dedicated their time for the company. Some of the CEO's embodied the "officer" part of their positions too well by performing CEO duties that took away from others all in the best interest of the bottom line with no regards to their welfare or well being.

Traditions have stood the test of time and have proven to have built solid foundations for many of the luxuries we enjoy today. However, propelling ourselves through time into the present moment of the electronic age, the computer and the internet has opened many doors through the halls of traditional business for thousands to learn what it takes and what it means to become their own CEO's.

No longer do you, the individual with dreams that have been held captive by the annals of tradition, have to bear the burden of decades of work in becoming your own CEO. It is ideas, your ideas that give rise to and a meaning for others to join in creating your ideas from nothing to something. It is this something that you bring from your deepest heart felt desires into the reality of our world that will empower me. It is your experience, and the experience of all individuals around you that can and will help others become more of who they truly are. When you, and all of us embrace all of our experiences and combine those experiences with the ideas to create that which we know in our hearts and minds will benefit others, then you have truly become conscious of what it takes to empower others.

It is in opening your awareness that you truly have the power to impact the lives of others. From this awareness comes a greater knowing. From this knowing comes a sense of trust that your ideas are given to you as a gift from whomever you see your Creator to be. Once you have implemented and manifested your ideas into the physical world, and witness your ideas impacting the lives of others you truly become aware of your own ability to consciously empower others with the work you love.

Does this mean you don't run your business like a business? No. You must still dot all the i's and cross all the t's. However, when you do the chop wood-carry water work from the perspective of knowing you have the power to positively impact the lives of others, then you have truly stepped into becoming your own CEO, which in the new way of doing business stands for; Consciously Empowering Others. When you consciously empower others then you become more empowered to live life on your terms.

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