What is Holistic and Integrative Medicine?

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As the savvy American public advances in their knowledge of Western Medicine, there is an outcry for viable alternatives. We, the American people are tired of the poor health care system we endure that forces us to become at least dependent, if not addicted, to a myriad of harmful substances. We have evolved in our faith and look toward mind, body, spirit medicine to heal ourselves. In looking at more medically progressive societies in Europe and around the world, the great new trend is Holistic and Integrative Medicine. How inspiring to discover effective age old traditions again in the twenty-first century!

This form of medicine is ancient to many indigenous cultures around the globe. It utilizes prayer, plants, minerals and rituals to affect the energy matter of the human body, thus healing from the inside out; from the physical to the spiritual. The basic premise is that all things have a distinctive energetic configuration. Every human being has a unique energetic make up that determines personality and physical characteristics in addition to physical, psychological and spiritual wellness. When this energetic pattern is disturbed, illness manifests. It is the job of the Shaman to determine the energetic disturbance and utilize the appropriate natural material to neutralize the energy.

Shamanism says that all things of the earth are spirit. Each plant, flower and mineral contains spirit, and spirit is energy. Therefore, combining complimentary plant or mineral essences in bath or oral tincture will positively affect the human energetic configuration, and healing occurs. For these results it is imperative to live in harmony with nature. To properly plant, cultivate and harvest nature's spirit. Herbal baths or teas, mineral (crystal) healing in conjunction with prayer and ritual are how the Medicine Men, also known as Shaman, heal disease.

Within the Holistic and Integrative Medicine model, spiritual illness is always addressed first. The belief is that all other forms of disease are caused by spiritual imbalance. Through the use of nature, spiritual balance is restored thus facilitating physical, psychological and spiritual wellness. These concepts are not connected to just one culture or tradition, but are the doctrine that is the foundation for many indigenous societies. Here in the United States, Native American tribes practice this form of healing that has been embraced by mainstream America for years. The Ayurveatic System of India, made famous by Dr. Depak Chopra, embraces the same ideology. The Medicine Men of West Africa affirm the same beliefs. And list goes on.

There are thousands of years behind the mystery of Holistic and Integrative Medicine and Shamanism. These ideas are the very foundation of the human race. For centuries, despite the onslaught of illnesses that have plagued every culture, in every country and every society, we have survived. Long before Western Medicine we cured disease and illness through the beauty of nature. Nothing has changed. As Americans it is time that we take charge of our health and respect nature to heal our bodies, minds and souls. It is our right and our duty.

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