Does the law of attraction work?

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When the movie "The Secret" came out, a lot of people thought it was a bunch of phooey. "What is this 'law of attraction' nonsense? Visualize something and then it will happen. Yeah right. Suuuuure." A lot of people thought it was ridiculous and just new age-y pseudoscience.

I can understand that. It's hard to swallow the idea that the mind is extremely powerful. That we are co-creators of our world. It's much easier to buy the idea that stuff happens and that's that. Sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you don't. The end. In my humble opinion and experience there is something to this power of the mind business. Life is more than a game of chance and we are not just passive players wanting for events to happen to us. We really do get a say in how we're treated and what we receive.

About a year ago I really felt the money pinch -- my bills were piling up and I wanted to increase my abundance. So I prayed about it. I said, "Dear universe, I'd really like to increase my abundance. Please help me increase my abundance." A few days later I got a call out of the blue from the manager of my apartment building. She left a message on my machine (yes, my machine, I live in the Stone Age) announcing that she talked to my landlord. They decided to lower my rent by $150 a month! I didn't ask her to do that for me. I didn't even tell her about my financial situation. It just happened. That, my friends, is the law of attraction in action.

You might be saying to yourself, "Great story, but that will never happen to me." My response is, "That's not true." It may not occur in the same way it happened to me but it can happen. The universe is infinite so there are infinite ways to increase your abundance. I told that story to a friend of mine and that very night she found a $20 bill on her sidewalk. As Abraham Hicks, a proponent and popularizer or the law of attraction, says, "The universe will knock itself out trying to give you what you want." The question is though, "Are you able to receive it?"

This is where the mechanics of the law of attraction comes in: you have to be a vibrational match to what you're asking for. All I did was ask to increase my abundance and then I promptly forgot about my request. I didn't mire in fear or worry. I didn't constantly think about money and how I was going to get some. I didn't scheme or connive or manipulate. I asked and then let the universe do its thing. Because I didn't have any resistance to receiving -- I didn't feel unworthy, I didn't think increasing my abundance was impossible -- it happened. If I felt like I wasn't good enough to increase my abundance you can bet that would have been my reality. Because the universe responds to feelings more than thoughts. I felt like I would be taken care of, that the money would come and it did.

Can I tell you definitively, without a doubt, 110%, the law of attraction is real? That it works? All I can tell you is what I know, and for me, yes, it does. Not always the way I expect it to or more importantly when I want it to, but yes, it does.

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