How do I find the meaning of life?

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In everyone's life there comes a time when you start to question yourself and the world around you. Some people are floating through college wondering what they will do with their lives. Others have hit all their goals and hit the middle of their life wondering what they have actually accomplished, is there meaning or more to life, and where do they go from here. And still others are coming close to the end of their lives and wonder what has been the meaning of it all, and what is left in their future.

Everyone, no matter how much family and friends they have and how close they are to those family and friends, is on their own personal path. Everyone must face their place in the world and universe, their creator or lack thereof, and the meaning of life. They have to look objectively at who and what they are or have become and find out if they approve. They need to find out what kind of person that they are, what kind of person that they want to be. This could be an earth-shattering revelation or a process that wisps in and out of your life with the gentleness of a summer breeze. Each person has their own journey.

The first part of an understanding of the meaning of life is to question it. If you are going blissfully through life, you are not ready, in the position to, or have the desire for this. If you are searching, then you WILL find it in your own time. It will be the personal and unique meaning that life has for you.

For some people, this first step of questioning leads quickly to a solution to them. Straight forward and simple, their question is answered with family, or love, or public service. They are content, at least for the moment. Some never have another "crisis of faith". Still for others, this isn't enough, and either they remain unsatisfied, or else the band-aid doesn't hold, and they continue searching.

For those who find themselves on this path, there are things that can be done. Search out those individuals throughout history who have taken this journey before you. Listen to what they have learned. You might not fully understand or agree with them, but this forms a model from which you can discard thoughts or beliefs, add others, and shape the form into your own unique and meaningful being. A creation that fits the experiences that you have had in your life, your personality, the values that you hold dear, and your current beliefs. When you have done this, you will have a companion who will give direction to your life and a sense of peace. You will know what is important and you will be able to focus on that and make it a priority in your life.

You can choose to just spend time in prayer or meditation. Sometimes just carving out a place in each day to give to your thoughts or prayer or relaxation, gives an understanding to your life. You can surround yourself with others who are where you are. Those who have like interests and believes or just a common desire in line with your own can give you momentum, security and peace.

And sometimes, just jumping into a focus of others will give that meaning that you might be craving. A life of serving and helping others has been a very common path that many have chosen. You don't have to have a clear-cut design. As you step out in faith in this direction, you will find that you will gravitate toward one direction or another. Helping children, Habitat for Humanity, giving to the poor are just a few of the many, many things that you can do to make others' lives enriched, take the focus off yourself, and enrich your life in the process.

Loving and caring for others, knowing God, making yourself the best YOU you can be, are all different understandings of the meaning of Life. What that meaning will be for you only you will know. Go and find it for yourself and be fulfilled.

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