How is the path to Enlightenment beginning to accelerate for each one of us?

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You may have just begun to feel it as you are reading these words. You may have been feeling this way for some time now but it wasn't quite the "right" time. However it may be, it is irrefutable that there is a massive awakening happening and we are a part of it just as much as everyone else who occupies this planet. The trees may seem greener, it may smell more fresh after it rains, or it may even be that you seem to smile just a little more than you used to. These subtle differences that we are noticing (or failing to) in our everyday monotony are vastly more foundational than they seem.

Our consciousness springs from the development of our neocortex. As the neurons in your brain fire, electric pulses jump across the synapses and create the thought or action. The difference between us and our animal mates is that we can contemplate the fact that we do exist and ponder Why? Or How? Possibly the two most sought after answers of all time. As this Humankind evolves and we embark on The Path to Enlightenment, the energy that runs through our very souls, that connects every living thing on the planet is also evolving.

Consider the concept of Electromagnetism. Every piece involved behaves normally and as it conceptually should. That is until electricity is applied to the circuit. Once this happens everything changes; the matter begins to conduct itself in an entirely different manner. Metal, that was only a moment ago just that, is now an electromagnet and attracts other metals.

Now consider what I told you earlier about the electrical impulses inside our brains. Once these begin to change then so does the imprint of energy that flows through everyone and everything. This subtle change is far more intrinsic to the ebb and flow of the Universe and its energetic patterns than is realized by the material Reptilian mind that has built the foundation to our society of capitalism as we know it. Buddhism, Christianity, Paganism, every religion followed is, at its core, teaching the same principles: love, forgiveness, and our role in the protection of all Life on this planet.

Geneticists have announced that we, as a species, are no longer evolving. As we procreate further, generation after generation seems to possess signs of devolution in the helix of their DNA.

Can it be that we are allowing ourselves to die off as a race, know about it, and still do nothing to alter the course of our future? While physically devolving and economically evolving, we have but one way to go. That is inward. It is becoming far more obvious every day that our next step in Evolution as a species is a mass spiritual one. This path to Enlightenment will be paved with many hardships and trials, but through these, we will find our true eternal purpose The true reason behind our incarnations on this planet. Life as we know it is changing, are you ready to wise up and rise up with the vibrations of the planet?

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