How might one go about experiencing life through miracles?

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With all of the apparent chaos in the world, from the environmental disasters, to the created disasters from war and killing and then the economical challenges everywhere; now, more than ever, gracing our lives with the power of healing in experiencing life through miracles, even daily, will bring about hope and change. There is nothing you need to purchase or buy in order to acquire this gift. All it takes is an open mind and heart. It will require you to be aware and present to your current environment and surroundings.

These gifts may be as simple as a smile given or received or as profound as a life altering/changing experience. The more you can open all of your senses in your daily walk, the more you will see and experience these miracles and happenings. They will happen to you...and to those around you. It will lift your spirits and those around you. It will heal you and those around you. It is a choice to experience life in such a way....but once you open the door to such a way, it may bring unending joy, healing through compassion for yourself and others, authenticity in expressing and feeling your emotions...basically being you.

You will fine tune how to interpret messages brought to you through your experience in these miracles, whether they be in the form of a song, through nature, through numerology, whatever it is that speaks to you. We all have a special and unique language in giving and receiving this information and the key is to find your language, learn to understand it and then to live it and express it. The more we all participate actively in such a way, alive, astute, and aware, the outer chaos in the world will soften. You will feel your connectedness to it all and the chaos which you saw and experienced before will now be an integral part of the plan which you are a part of. It can not be can not and will not want to be removed. Even in that which brings pain paves the way and knowing to also feel its polarity, joy.

About three years ago, I lost my brother, and it was through such a loss and pain that I experienced the connectedness in our daily life through miracles. I was preparing for one of my biggest life changes in my adult life, moving from the small mountain town which had been my home for 17 years and where all three of my children had been born. I felt it was time for us all to open our world to more diversity and new opportunities. It was a big decision, because we were leaving an utopian life. My brother was the youngest of three sisters and always there for us in these big moments! So it was natural for him to step up and make the trek to help me move.

He died in his travels to help transport me to my new home. Earlier in the day, before I knew of his death, I had been enjoying my music and dancing around all of the packed and unpacked boxes in my living room. It was a magnificent day in it's physical beauty and I was on a high, surfing the wave of change. A few hours later after I received the phone call from my dad saying that my brother wasn't going to make it...I was, of course, devastated by the news of his death, but now also so confused at my earlier state of euphoric. How could this be? How could I have been oblivious to my brother's experience?

It wasn't until a couple of days later, not in transit to my new home yet, but in transit with my children back to my childhood home for my brother's memorial service that the miracle presented itself. We were in the Denver airport. My sisters and their families were also traveling home from different parts of the country. My dad had set up a conference call so that we could all be together in spirit as my brother was being cremated. The first five minutes, my dad explained, we would just listen to the CD which he had taken from my brother's car being the last music which he had listened to. As the kids and I were straining on speaker phone to hear the music in a busy airport, it took a few minutes to register, but then I caught the beat and my heart soared with my brother's...and it all made sense in that moment.

My confusion was gone. The song which I was hearing was the exact song I had been dancing to that morning around my house as if I had wings. It was my message to share. We can heal the world in experiencing life through miracles. It may start with you...but I guarantee it will not end with you. It is contagious!

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