What is a Soul Retrieval, and how can it help?

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So you are feeling stuck...something is not quite right...like a part of you is missing. Perhaps you have had a really satisfying relationship and your partner suddenly passed away. Or perhaps you have had some powerful emotional tragedy in the past, drug abuse problems, alcohol addiction, and when you recovered from the tragedy you have never felt the same. It could be you have lost a piece of your soul. How can one lose a piece of their soul?

As we are all beings of light, energy beings encased in a physical medium, it is possible to lose pieces of oneself when tragedy happens. Due to shock and trauma, the light energy we carry can fragment and escape from the physical medium we call the body. Usually these pieces will quickly come back together, similar to gravity attracting a passing object back to it. But on occasion, the shock and stress of the fragmentation is enough to send this energy too far away from the soul to return without help. Then you would need a Soul Retrieval to get it back.

Soul Retrievals are performed by shamans who are skilled trackers. Much like a Jaguar stalks a deer, a shaman skilled in the art of Soul Retrieval can track energy through time and space and can successfully locate those lost pieces of self which are missing. Once it is retrieved you will immediately notice the difference it will make.

Sometimes other people, or beings, simply kidnap a loose soul piece, most of the time even they are unaware, and hold on to it because it makes them feel comfortable. They may live with a piece of someone else's energy patterns, walking around unawares for years with this piece because it makes them feel comfortable. In this sense they are true vampires, living off of someone else's energy. Someone who is an expert in Soul Retrieval can locate where these pieces are, and can be very effective in retrieving them.

Soul Retrieval is not an easy process for the individual to go through. It takes some time for the piece to settle in, so special care and precautions do need to be taken while the piece settles in. Plenty of rest and water are required while the process takes place and it may take two or three days for the energy to work its way through the body after it is returned. It is highly suggested that the individual who seeks this process is ready for the results and is comfortable with the individual they have chosen for the work.

So, if you feel something is missing, or if you feel like you have been stuck for years and have no answers for why you have been stuck, asking the universe for a shaman for assistance may be the answer you have been looking for. A Soul Retrieval can help. Rest assured the process will be effective in transforming the life of the individual who is searching for the long lost help they deserve.

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