What is Spirituality?

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What is Spirituality

Spirituality conjures up different ideas and emotions dependant on one’s own personal beliefs and conditioning. Those with strong religious backgrounds can claim it to be specific to their religion or dismiss it as new age philosophies with no real significance. Others are aware it is a journey towards truth, of travelling inward to discover the answers we are seeking to live a happier more spiritual existence in the world. It can create a positive or negative impact depending on personal perceptions.

Spirituality is about questioning and possibly dropping these preconceived perceptions of the world around us, what we have believed as truth without going within and finding what is real for us. It is the dropping of judgments, of opinions of labels and opening up to a world of possibilities.

Ultimately, it is a journey back to our true self. The innate energy that we are born with. It is about self-discovery, of dropping the ego fabricated self to reveal that which resides in each of us, pure divine energy. It is a path towards who you truly are and what your purpose is. It enables you to embrace life fully, wholly and completely.

What is Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual growth is awakening to personal and universal truths. This wisdom lies within available to each of us who become silent enough to hear it. It is with this renewed sense of self, opened to discovery that leads us to a more fulfilled life, one of joy and wonder of all that unfolds. It is the dropping of the illusion of separation and embracing the wonder of connectedness. The connection that exists from source energy to each of us and to each other, to all that is. When you awaken to your senses and drop the incessant chatter of the mind, you find this universal intelligence in all its loving glory.

It is a realisation that life is bigger than each of us is, than our human existence, it is a coming home, a way of living life to its fullest.

Spirituality needs no debate to prove its existence; it is something that is felt within. It is when you just know what you know. You believe it to be true because you live it and see the wondrous results in your daily life. You are aware of it in your interaction with life, in your connection to your deepest self and to all around you.

When we ask what is spirituality? It is living in harmony of mind, body and spirit. It is awareness that the mind is not you, that you are beyond mind, the silent observer of all that is. When you fully know this, you can watch the antics of the mind with some amusement instead of being caught up in ego dramas of attachment or aversion. You live with a calm acceptance of all that is, as it is.

Our innate nature is spiritual; it is what encases our physical being, here only for duration. You may have glimpsed this aspect of yourself in times of silence, sitting in nature, feeling that all is perfect as it is. You may have discovered it in times of great grief when you just knew that this too shall pass and you were not alone.

To be spiritual is to be true to yourself, to live the life you intended with love and acceptance of all, including you. It is not to be found only in doctrines, churches or creeds but inside each of us, hidden beneath the ego.

It is the fundamental aspect of life, the energy, the divine energy that inhabits all beings, it can be called, God, Allah, Buddha, Universal Intelligence or any other name. It is always present, all knowing, it is each of us. It is life.

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