What is the best way to let go and become all you can be?

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Knowing how to let go is a very important tool in life; however, it can become a very lengthy process as well. The process creates a release for one’s life, and it can be physical or non-physical. Even though you are letting go of things and releasing unnecessary bondage, it is still necessary to take responsibility for your actions, and be aware of where the things are that you are letting go of end up.

Letting go is essentially the release of something into the world, and it can be positive or negative. The release of thoughts and memories is necessary, in order for one to move on from the past, and live completely. Sometimes this action can cause pain, but as long as the action is the best for all involved at the given point of time, it will only be temporary. Suffice to say, that if it lasts a long time, it is usually necessary to reconsider ones motives, and make another move.

When an individual learns how to to let go he/she releases negative energy, he/she must degrade it into a diminished state so that the process of casting it out into the world does not affect another tremendously. When another being is affected by one’s release, whatever has been released typically comes back to oneself, one way or another. Sometimes it comes back in the most inopportune of ways.

Sometimes this result is unavoidable as people respond to things differently, however, it is important to make the effort. Showing the effort will give other people hope, and promote the ability for them to have a measure of faith in you. It may also give others a degree of encouragement, for continuing the effort you have put forth. This way, even if the end result is not optimal, at least one knows that one did all that he/she could.

It is always a good idea to leave a situation without having any regrets, whether it was because you did something, or because you avoided doing something. When you have learned how to let go you will learn not to leave anything unfinished, to exist hanging over your consciousness, merely waiting for it’s turn. Even when you are aiming to simply complete a task and have no regrets, when it is necessary, you must still be willing to soar.

Simply being able to leave a situation without having any regrets is by no means easy, but may be the most important decision you make. Upon leaving a situation of any kind, one must be able to put the past into proper perspective, so that one may be open to whatever the future brings forth. Leaving any type of situation is not always a happy thing, but one must make the best of whatever fate happens to throw in one’s direction.

It is advantageous to have no regrets, whether the outcome is because you did something, or because you avoided doing something. If you can succeed in having no regrets, your spirit and sense of self will be much freer than usual, with the lack of baggage. Having no regrets also forces you to analyze each experience you go through, to figure out what is really a regret and what is simply there. If you cannot manage to eliminate regrets, it is a good idea to simplify the construction of the regrets in order to minimize the impact the regrets will have upon you.

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